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The NUUO NVR Titan is a stand alone network video recorder that supports up to 64 IP cameras. The NUUO Titan NVR uses an embedded Linux operating system and File Ring storage system that is designed for enterprise surveillance systems which require recording up to 64 IP cameras (including megapixel cameras). The max bandwidth throughput allows users to record up to 64 two megapixel cameras at 15 frames per second. The Titan is available in tower and rack mount cases. The Titan can be controlled from both Windows and Mac computers using the included client software applications for both platforms (see below to view PC and Mac NVR software pictures). In addition users can view the cameras from iPhone, iPad, and Android using the free mobile apps from NUUO. The Titan NVR allows users to start with a 4 channel network video recorder and scale up to 64 cameras by adding additional software licenses in increments of 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 25, 32 and 60 channels.
Before purchasing, please confirm that you cameras are compatible with NUUO. If you are looking for certain features such as Motion Detection or PTZ confirm, it is on the NUUO Titan Supported Camera ListChrome users note: after clicking on the supported camera link, use the Bookmark feature to quickly access camera brand. See below:

Product Features:

  • Stand-Alone Linux Embedded NVR
  • Up to 64 channels of IP cameras per Server
  • Supports up to 64 5-Megapixel Cameras (based on H.264, 10FPS, moderate traffic)
  • Stream up 10-Megapixel Camera Single View
  • Base Models Support 4 IP Cameras
  • Easy Upgrade of Licenses (up to 64 channels)
  • Synchronize User Account across 100 servers through a single server instantly
  • 4 Hard Drive Bays
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 Disk Support
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Dual Video Stream Support
  • Windows Client Software for Viewing & Playback
  • Mac Client Software for Viewing & Playback
  • Enterprise Management of up to 100 Servers, 400
  • Channels Live View, 100 Channels Playback
  • Optical PTZ Support - Users can click on the video screen to control PTZ cameras
  • Centralized E-Map
  • Manage I/O and Events Centrally from Client App
  • Configurable Public and Private Views
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android Mobile Apps

NUUO Titan Software License Upgrades

Need add more camera licenses to your existing NUUO Titan? Check out our available NUUO Titan software license upgrades.

NVR Pictures

The following images were taken from the NUUO NVR Titan remote client software that works on the LAN where the NVR is located as well as remotely over the Internet. The screen shots are identical for both Windows and Mac viewing software because the client applications are identical. All operations for remote viewing, playback, and NVR controls work on both PC and Mac operating systems.

Live Remote Camera Viewer

NVR Sample

Recorded Video Remote Playback

NVR Sample

NVR Network Diagram

NVR Network Diagram

The above network diagram illustrates a hybrid surveillance camera installation using the NUUO NVR Titan. On the left, the Titan is connected to an IP cameras, a CCTV cameras with IP video encoder / server, and a burglar alarm I/O device with a converter box. On the right, there are three client applications accessing the NVR. These connections can be on the local network of the NVR or remotely over the Internet. The viewing clients can be on a Windows or Macintosh PC. The mobile viewer clients can be on an iPad, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry mobile device.

NUUO NVR Titan Documents

NUUO NVR Titan Mobile App Downloads