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What Are Some Features To Look For When Considering A CCTV Camera For Home Surveillance?

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This was a question that was requested for us to answer on Quora. Our answer is reposted below:

"There are many things to consider when it comes to purchasing a CCTV camera and/or system. However, a system that operates at its highest efficiency while accommodating the owners preferences should be the most desired factor. In order to do this, you have to determine your preferences and what it is you wish to monitor (i.e. dark alley, home, small/big business etc.). After determining your preferences, some of the most important features associated with CCTV cameras to consider are the following:

  1. Infrared (IR) Monitoring - These are cameras that are able to a visible picture of a dark space. Even in pitch black the IR camera will be able record everything inside its field of view.
  2. Weatherproof - A weatherproof camera is a type of camera is used outdoors or in areas where a durable camera would be needed, such as construction site, industrial buildings, etc. These cameras tend to focus on being able to withstand insults from its surrounding environment. Typically, they are made out of harder and/or thicker material with a watertight sealing to protect from water. Keep in mind some of these camera types can cost a pretty penny due to the higher quality material it's made from while still retaining the ability to record high quality video.
  3. Motion Detection/Recording- These features are more owners wants than needs. Some people have programmable systems and cameras to start recording or send a notification if it notices something in the area. Instead of recording over a bunch of old material or wasting hard drive space, the camera only records when it needs to.
  4. Mobile Monitoring (Smartphone/Tablet/Computer Applications) - With technology always advancing, lots of individuals have switched to D.I.Y. security systems with cameras and equipment that can link directly to your personal devices. Check out Take Charge Security for a good selection on D.I.Y. security equipment."

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