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Product Feature Of The Week - The Dakota DK-BBA-2500 Break Beam Alarm Kit!

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Need a low cost, easy to use perimeter alarm system for your home, property, or business? This weeks feature product, the DK-BBA-2500 Break Beam Alert Kit [now $70 off!], is the perfect solution!

One of personal favorite brands, Dakota Alert makes unique, easy to use, and relatively low-cost security equipment. Perfect for the DIY pioneer! 

This particular product is an easy to use infrared break beam system. It contains two sensor beacons that align together to produce infrared beams. Any potential intruder walking through these invisible beams will trigger an alarm signal that is sent to your receiver (which can be placed anywhere you desire; mounted on the wall in your kitchen, on the desk in your bedroom, etc.). 

The IR beams can be mounted up to 300 feet apart. And the best part? They are NOT sensitive to small objects such as birds and falling leaves. Any movement outside the infrared beams does not affect the sensors so you will not be disturbed by unnecessary alerts.

Have a dog, or other small animals that frequent the property or area you want to survey? No problem… you can install the sensors at any height that will prevent passing dogs and other animals from triggering the sensor. 

What's even cooler? The sensors are solar powered: throughout the day, the lithium batteries in the IR sensors are constantly recharged!

There are multiple ways you can configure this system. You can set up a single alarm zone, for instance, to monitor the entry and exit of a driveway, or you can set up pairs of sensors to more thoroughly monitor your property. The Break Beam system allows you to install up to four pairs of these sensors so that you can easily establish a fully encompassing alarm perimeter outside of your home or property (keep in mind, 300 ft is the max distance you can set in any one direction). Since the receiver is installed with four different alarm sounds, you easily distinguish which zone is which know zone signaled the receiver.

Need to leave the house, keep the alarm active but not trigger it? No problem… The receiver has a 5 minute exit delay, allowing you to leave your house/property without triggering the alarm.

Have any questions or need any other info? Feel free to contact us anytime!

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