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New High Speed HDR Camera By NASA Captures Rocket In Action

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A rocket blast isn't the easiest thing to capture on camera... but given the nature of NASA and its need to study rockets, NASA had to resolve this problem. So they set out to build a new camera to tackle this seemingly impossible feat. And they did just that. They made a camera to capture the rocket blast in all of its glory. And what a camera they created... 


The HiDyRS-X, developed by NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate’s Early Career Initiative, stands for "High Dynamic Range Stereo X", and collects high speed, high dynamic range video footage in multiple exposures at once. Normally, high speed video cameras shoot one exposure at a time, but this new camera by NASA records multiple high speed exposures simultaneously. The video technology allows NASA to comprehensively analyze the rocket boosters in action. 



Imagine a security camera made from this bad boy! Who wouldn't in their right mind buy this? Come on, it's a no brainer... it's not like it's rocket science (pun intended).


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